What To Grow With Onions!

Onions are easy to grow, versatile in the kitchen, and help deter pests. There are some things you should know about what to grow with onions and what not to grow with onions. What Do Onions Need To Grow onions need the following conditions to grow: Fertile Soil Well Draining Soil Prefer Full Sun The … Read more

How Much Sunlight Does A Tomato Plant Need?

Tomatoes are one of the most popular summer crops. These juicy and nutritional vegetables have numerous health benefits and are a brilliant source of many nutrients. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, calcium, and potassium- among countless others. They are an ideal pick for a novice gardener looking to fall in love … Read more

5 Easy Steps For Growing Dill In Pots Inside

Dill is an annual plant that vigorously self-seeds to continue giving fresh foliage every spring and summer for a constant supply of herbs for soups, salads, and pickles. Though dill is available in the warmer months, you can harvest fresh herbs for your recipes all year round by growing dill in pots inside.  It’s the … Read more

Growing Hardneck VS Softneck Garlic

There are hundreds of different garlic varieties, but not each one is adapted to thrive in your region. The different types will also have slight variations in their appearance, taste, and storage. Two standard terms that you’ll often come across when hunting for garlic varieties are hardneck and softneck.  All garlic varieties can be categorized … Read more

Growing Chives From Seed In Containers – 3 Easy Steps

With a fresh, green color, crispy texture, and a hint of onion and garlic flavor, chives are a favorite herb in most kitchens. But its culinary use is not the only reason why it’s so popular in home gardens. The beautiful purple flowers appearing in late spring make it a captivating ornamental to adorn entrances.  … Read more

Do Chives Regrow After Cutting?

Chives are beautiful herb plants to have in your garden. They’re easy to grow and there aren’t many pests and diseases to worry about, which makes them the perfect choice for gardeners with the brownest of thumbs. What’s even more attractive is the fact that you can plant them once and continue harvesting these perennials … Read more