7 Epic Giant Onion Varieties – Grow To Wow!

The best part about growing onions is that you can explore new varieties, with unique flavors and versatile uses each season. There are some varieties that will produce the most impressive bulbs, big enough to brag about among friends and neighbors.  Top 7 Giant Onion Varieties Here’s a list of giant onion varieties to grow … Read more

Growing Onions In Containers

Onion is a key ingredient in almost every dish you cook! No wonder it’s widely cultivated across the globe and easily available in almost every grocery store. Nevertheless, gardeners like growing their own in home gardens for the superior flavors and nutrients.  Even if you have limited gardening space, onions are among the vegetables that … Read more

How Deep To Plant Onion Bulbs

Onions are easy to grow, especially from sets, and can produce a good crop with little care. Nevertheless, harvesting those flawless large bulbs takes a bit of expertise that many novice gardeners fail to offer. Even the seemingly insignificant details, such as the planting depth, can make all the difference in setting the fate of … Read more

How Long Do Onions Take To Grow?

Onions are very productive crops that can yield a handsome harvest in minimum space and with minimum effort. How long do onions take to grow? That depends on the variety you plant and how you start the plants, the growing time will vary significantly. There are different ways to start onions, transplants, seeds, and sets, … Read more

Long VS Short Day Onions – How To Choose?

Onions are classified by the number of daylight hours they require to grow bulbs. These are called long-day and short-day onions. Both these varieties are suited to different climates based on the length of daylight that the region offers them. When choosing onion cultivars to grow in your garden, it’s worth understanding the differences between … Read more

Why Are Your Onion Bulbs Not Growing?

Onion sets are easy to grow and are generally ready for harvest in about 2 to 3 months, depending on the variety. They demand little care and are less susceptible to diseases and pests. However, there are still some problems that might bother onion growers. Once you plant onion sets in the soil, you expect … Read more

Do Onions Need Manure?

Onions are a versatile vegetable and fairly simple to grow if you choose the right variety and take care of the planting dates. Nevertheless, they are heavy feeders and will do well with constant nourishment throughout the growing season. Do onions need manure is this the answer? The onion plants will quickly use up the … Read more

How To Plant Onion Bulbs

Onions are hardy cold-season crops, easy to grow at home to harvest endless batches of fresh onions from around midsummers. Though they’re not too expensive to buy from the store, the flavors, nutrients, and satisfaction you get from using homegrown onions are incomparable. People are always asking me how to plant onion bulbs. Here is … Read more