When Are Onions Ready To Harvest

Onions are probably the most commonly used vegetables in everyday cooking. They form the base ingredient for most dishes, adding a sweet flavor and fragrance to them. Besides, it also enhances the looks of your regular meals, making them much more appetizing for the family. Brown them, sauté them, or eat them raw – they’re … Read more

How To Get A Potato To Sprout

Growing potatoes is not only easy but also rewarding, turn one potato into many potatoes! You may be wondering where to start on how to get a potato to sprout. A little knowledge certainly helps, yes you really can simply stick a potato in the ground and it may grow more potatoes. But and yes … Read more

How To Protect Your Vegetable Plot From A Heatwave

Heatwaves in the summer months often take vegetable gardeners by surprise. Most summer vegetables are planned such that they are harvested completely before the searing temperatures appear. Even the heat-loving vegetables, like tomatoes, can be stressed if the temperatures shoot too high. Extended high-heat periods, especially in July and August, are a major concern for … Read more

What Size Pots For Growing Tomatoes

If all else goes well, the size of the container can be the deciding factor for your tomato harvest’s fate. If you give them plenty of sunlight, water and nutrients (in short, everything they like), and still receive a harvest that’s less than satisfactory, chances are you aren’t using a correctly sized container. Rootbound tomato … Read more

Learning To Grow Potatoes Is Easy

Whether you like potatoes mashed, baked, boiled, chipped or cut into fries, potatoes are a versatile vegetable and staple ingredient for many meals. Learning to grow potatoes is easy. As a novice gardener, then you should consider growing potatoes for the following reasons; • Potatoes are easy to plant, care for and harvest• They do … Read more