How Much Sun Does Mint Need?

Mint plants require very little care to be healthy and strong. Because it puts forth “runners” and spreads quickly, mint is considered an invasive plant.

Mint is a fragrant perennial plant that may be used in your herb garden. With its cooling impact, it may be added to dishes and beverages, or taken as a digestive aid to relieve stomach cramps and nausea, expel gas, treat hiccups, and calm headaches.

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Does Mint Always Need Full Sun?

It thrives in full sun as long as the soil is maintained moist, but it also does well in moderate shade. The morning sun is fine, but excessive afternoon light might wilt the leaves.

You should not keep your mint plant in the shade all the time, but should instead position it near a window to get some sunshine. The recommended quantity of sunshine every day is three to four hours. Direct sunshine is required, as well as enough air movement.

When Do Your Mint Plants Need Full Sun?

Members of the mint family thrive in full sun, even if they live in a chilly or gloomy climate. If you’re growing mint in the Northeast, American Midwest, or Pacific Northwest, make sure your plant is facing the sun as much as possible. When growing mint in the British Isles and Canada, this guideline should also be observed.

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Mint that isn’t grown in full light may struggle. On the stem, leaves may grow widely apart. If you’re growing mint in a region with short summers, it may struggle to send forth new branches if it’s grown in partial shade.

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When You Can Grow Mint in Partial Shade?

Although mint requires full exposure in some areas, too much sun in a hot environment can hinder the development of your mint. Plan in a way that lets you expose your mint to partial shadow if you are in the South, West, or Southeast so that it receives around 5 hours of sun every day. In other warm climates, such as South Africa and Australia, partial shade is the greatest area to grow mint.

Tips to Grow Healthy Mint at Home

  • Mint requires very little care. Apply a light mulch to outside plants. This will assist in keeping the soil wet while also keeping the leaves clean.
  • They like a moist but well-drained environment, similar to what they might find in their natural habitat along stream banks.
  • Plant one or two bought plants in damp soil approximately 2 feet apart for outdoor growth. One or two plants are sufficient to cover the ground. Mint should reach a height of 1 to 2 feet.
  • Plant mint in its own raised bed or separate area if you don’t mind it becoming a ground cover and recognize that it may become invasive.
  • Water indoor plants on a regular basis to keep the soil uniformly wet.


Mint may grow in full sun or light shade, depending on your local environment. Research carefully before planting your mint and provide as much light as your plants need to grow healthy.

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