How To Use Leftover Eggshells In Your Vegetable Garden

If you’re like me, you have eggshells piling up in the kitchen. What can you do with eggshells? Well, besides using them for crafts or leaving them to stink out the kitchen, you can use them to grow plants! Eggshells are great for compost and fertilizer.

Eggshells are made almost entirely of calcium carbonate, which our bodies need for healthy bones and muscles. Our plants need it too. And you can deliver it to them through compost, soil or by making “eggshell tea”.

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The best time to do this? Whenever you have too many shells, you have to throw them out. It doesn’t have to be just eggshells. You can dump snail shells, crab shells, and even crushed up split peas and lentils into your compost pile if you’re into that kind of thing.

Eggshells are an excellent food item to add to your compost bin. There are so many uses for the shells, such as using the layer of the eggshell itself as an excellent plant fertilizer.

Eggshells will keep your soil healthy, and in turn, your plants will be beneficial. Eggshells are one of the best natural sources of calcium. If you have a compost bin, eggshells make a great addition. The shells will slowly break down and release their nutrients slowly.

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Eggshells Are Rich In Calcium Carbonate

Eggshells are good for plants because they contain a lot of calcium carbonate. This is a valuable nutrient for plants, and it can help them grow strong and healthy. It may be a surprise that you can add them to your compost bin even though you’re dumping your eggshells in the trash.

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Eggshells are a great source of calcium for your plants. They can also be used for deodorising smelly garbage. Just toss your shells in and wait for a few weeks for them to break down. Eggshells can be added directly to the soil, or they can be used as mulch. They will help to improve the drainage and aeration of the ground, and they will also help to keep the soil moist.

Pest Control

Put natural eggshells in your garden to give pests a hard time! If pests like slugs and snails eat up your vegetables and destroy your flowers, you can eliminate them by placing raw eggshells in your garden as long as they are dry this will deter slugs and snails from crossing


Calcium, which is often found in eggshells, helps prevent root rot and assists in the growth of stems and leaves. Eggshells also contain a host of other trace minerals that can improve the health of your plants. Non-toxic, inexpensive and easy to make, eggshell tea is a safe and effective way to help your plants grow!

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