Preserving Apples In The Freezer: Simple And Effective

Whether you have a flourishing apple tree in your backyard or couldn’t resist the low prices in the farmer’s market and came home with several dozen apples, the dilemma is the same. How are you going to preserve all these apples before they start going bad? Thankfully, apples have a good reputation as far as the shelf life is concerned. They might even last 4 to 6 weeks if you keep them in the fridge.

However, preserving apples in the freezer means you can enjoy them even longer. How long do apples last in the freezer? What’s the smartest way to store them in the freezer? Read on and find out all the secrets to preserving your favorite fruit. 

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Preserving Apples In The Freezer

Can You Freeze Raw Apples? 

So is it really that simple? Do you just freeze raw apples? No cooking or pureeing required? 

YES, you got that right! It actually is that simple! If you’ve got a whole lot of apples that you can’t possibly consume in weeks, the best option is to freeze the excess. And since you can freeze them raw, it’s not going to take much effort or time either. 

Besides, freezing raw apples makes it much simpler to use them in smoothies, pies, and more.

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What to Do If Apples Going Bad?

If your apples are decaying and no one is eating them, you might like to explore a few alternatives. One of the best ways is preserving apples in the freezer. We’ve already covered a couple of methods for freezing apples.

You may also use your food processor to juice the apples. The apple juice can then be frozen to be served to children, used in baking, and so on.

Can you Eat Frozen Apples?

Even though freezing apples appear to be simple, they are prone to discoloration and freezer burns. That’s why it’s crucial to start with proper apple storage and treatment before freezing.

Frozen apples, however, are edible! You can keep apples fresher and taste better for longer with appropriate preparation and storage. Frozen apples may survive up to a year in the freezer if maintained correctly. Apples can be stored whole or in slices.

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What’s The Texture Like

Let’s be honest, there’s no match for garden-fresh apples! Frozen apples don’t have the same crisp texture as the fresh ones. Once you thaw them, they’ll turn soft. While frozen apples aren’t too appealing when eaten raw, you can easily use them in recipes that involve cooking or pureeing. When eating a slice of homemade apple pie, you won’t be able to tell whether it was prepared from frozen apples or fresh ones. 

How To Preserve Apples In The Freezer

Preserving Apples In The Freezer

All types of apples can be frozen. Depending on how you’re going to use them, there are different ways of preserving apples in the freezer. You can freeze them whole, as slices, or as apple pie filling in airtight jars. Here’s how:

  • Freezing Whole Apples

It’s the fastest and most effortless trick you’ll find. Barely any steps are required. Just wash them, place them over a tray lined with a baking sheet, and freeze them. Once the apples turn solid, pack them in Ziploc bags and freeze again. If you store them directly in freezer bags before freezing them first, they’ll stick together. It will be challenging to thaw and use them if you only want a couple of apples.

  • Freezing Apple Slices

To make them more manageable and save some freezer spaces, many people like to freeze apple slices instead of whole apples. True, they’ll take up a little more prep at this stage but think of all the work you’ll be saving in peeling, coring, and slicing thawed whole apples.

  1. Wash the apples.
  2. Peel, core, and slice them.
  3. Prepare a mixture of water and some lemon juice.
  4. Dip the slices in the mixture for a minute. This will prevent them from browning. 
  5. Lay the slices on a dish lined with baking sheet.
  6. Place the dish in the freezer for a couple of hours, until the slices turn solid.
  7. Once the slices are solid, transfer them to Ziploc bags and freeze them.
  • Freezing applesauce
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Preserving Apples In The Freezer

If you plan on using your garden’s produce to prepare applesauce, there is no need to freeze fresh apples and wait for later to prepare the sauce. Instead, the simpler solution is to prepare applesauce from fresh apples and freeze it, if you don’t plan on using it right away.

  • Freezing Apple Pie Filling

If you plan on making apple pies with your frozen apples, why not prepare the pie filling with fresh apples and freeze them? Freeze the filling in an airtight container, and you can use them in your homemade pies for months. It will cut down much of your efforts when it’s time to bake a pie.  

  • Freezing Apple Pie
Preserving Apples In The Freezer

If you have some extra time on your hands, you can prepare and freeze whole apple pies! Pack them in Ziploc bags or plastic wraps before freezing uncooked apple pies. Imagine the convenience in taking out a prepared pie from the freezer, tossing it in the oven, and relishing the flavors of an effortless bake!

Uses For Frozen Apples

So you saw how to preserve apples in the freezer. Once you’ve got a whole bunch of frozen apples, what are the different ways in which you can use them? 

From applesauce and jam to apple pie, apple crumbles and other baked dishes, there are countless uses of frozen apples. 

What to do With Frozen Apples?

You can do so many things with frozen apples all year long! Frozen apples can be used in ice cream, cakes, pies, jams, and other baked foods, ranging from basic applesauce to apple butter. Frozen apples are also useful for preparing smoothies and juices since they have a softer texture after thawing. Here are some ideas:

  • Apple Crisp

In a one-gallon bag, I add around 6 cups of apple pieces, which is enough for a 9 x 13 pan of apple crisp. This dish comes together quickly thanks to the pre-cut apples. You’ll also get a delicious, all-natural air freshener that will waft around your home as it bakes

  • Apple Pie

Pies are the most typical way to use frozen apples. Pies with apples are a popular fall delicacy. Mini apple pies can be made instead of regular-sized pies. You will not feel bad about eating fewer servings of this popular dessert.

  • Apple Smoothies
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Have you tried a caramel apple smoothie before? To create dairy-free caramel, make the caramel by boiling sugar and water till it became brown. Now, add a little more water (be cautious, it sputters!), and voila! Now, you have the caramel sauce! Blend one frozen apple, one fresh apple, a splash of apple cider, and part of the cooled caramel sauce in a blender. A healthy and tasty smoothie is ready. You can also combine preserved apples with other fruits of your choice to make smoothies. 

  • Applesauce

If you need a quick side dish, just throw the frozen apples in a pot and simmer over medium heat for 30 minutes or so to have a beautiful pot of fresh homemade applesauce. The peeling and coring had already been done, and the tender, frozen apples softened immediately, making mashing a breeze.

  • Quick Apple Cake

This apple cake is delicious and easy to make that tastes fantastic. You can top the cake with a variety of ingredients (icing, maple glaze, vanilla, caramel sauce, etc.). This will be a hit every time you make it!

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