What To Do If Parsley Not Growing In Your Aerogarden?

Don’t we all just love our aerogardens? These handy and easy-to-use marvels of science have made it extremely convenient for us to grow a variety of plants in limited space, with maximum efficiency. We can grow nearly all kinds of herbs with this wonderful invention. Still, there are some problems that one might face while using them, and your favorite plant not showing ideal growth is one of them. If you are facing a similar issue, then you are not alone. Many users have reported facing some difficulties in growing parsley, and it had them in a pickle as well. Parsley is an important herb and has multifarious uses; from being an integral part of tomato sauce to having numerous health benefits, all of us have used parsley in our life- or at least at some point in our life. If you are facing any difficulty in growing parsley, this blog is going to help you. Plus, we are going to keep it simple- you don’t need to get a degree in botany to understand this blog. So here is a list of potential problems, which might be restricting your parsley plant from growing, and of course- their solutions.

Parsley Not Growing In Your Aerogarden

When Do You Have A Problem?

 If your parsley seed has not sprouted for 3 weeks, or if they are withering and dying shortly after sprouting, it is safe to assume that you have a problem on your hands. If you see any mold, fungus or rot developing in the plant, it is also a clear indicator that your parsley needs some treatment.

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Identifying The Problem

It is rightfully said that part of a problem is not understanding what the problem truly is- and that is true in this case as well. To help you identify the problem, we have listed the most common and probable causes for parsley not growing in your aerogarden.

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Parsley Not Growing In Your Aerogarden

Light Intensity

Every plant has an ideal intensity and duration of light at which it grows at the optimum rate. If the light is too intense, it can cause withering. If the light is too low, the plant may not show adequate growth and die in its infancy.


Using the appropriate amount of light, which has the right intensity can solve this problem.  When planting your seed, make sure that your LED Grow Lights are at the lowest possible position, as well as at the lowest intensity. Try not to let the parsley reach the grow lights, as it might damage the lights

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Type And Amount Of Water

Water is one of the most important factors which govern the growth of plants. Having the right amount and the type of water is quite important. Some users use tap water to grow their parsley, a practice that can severely diminish the growth of your parsley. Since both Soft water and hard water are not suitable for growth of parsley in aerogarden, if you are using them, you now know where the problem lies.


Watering parsley at the right time, in the right amount will solve this problem. Parsley does not require large amounts of water for its germination. Once it sprouts, it needs to be watered daily to ensure maximum growth. As for the type of water, tap water should do, just make sure that it is not hard or soft water. So before using tap water, try to get the quality of your tap water tested via a state-certified laboratory. It should not contain high levels of minerals, mainly chlorine. Another consequence of using hard water are the lime deposits which sediment at the roots, which restrict their nutrition. Another plausible solution is using distilled water, which you can buy at your local mart, but it might be a bit expensive.

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Parsley Not Growing In Your Aerogarden


Aergoarden comes with custom-made nutrition liquid packages. They contain all of the required nutrients in a balanced amount and are a sure-shot way of making sure that your parsley grows at an ideal pace. If you are not using those packages, or if you are not properly following the guidelines written on those nutritional packages, chances are your parsley won’t grow properly.


To solve this issue, add the liquid nutrition in the correct amount, as per the guidelines, and you are good to go. 

Unpruned Plants

Unpruned parsley is known to show either very limited growth. That is a massive problem for you especially if you are trying to grow parsley in your aerogarden. Fortunately, it can be easily fixed. 


Timely pruning is necessary to ensure maximum growth. It is recommended to prune your parsley once a month. Pruning is quite simple, you will probably face some difficulty doing it the first time, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite fun.  

Moldy Aerogardens 

If you start to see fungus or molds at bottom of your pod, it might cause some problems. It’s important to differentiate between good fungus and bad fungus. Some fungus is symbiotic, which will help the plant in growing. But if you are sure that the fungus is the one causing the problems, then it is ideal to get rid of them

Parsley Not Growing In Your Aerogarden


To remove the molds, gently scrape the fungus and try to do this without harming the actual parsley. Add a mixture of about a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide into the pod to prevent this problem. This will also work if your other plants start to get root rot or a slimy brown coating on the roots. The hydrogen peroxide is extremely beneficial in removing the rot.

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These are some of the main reasons behind parsley not growing in your aerogarden. It is recommended to use the solutions listed above if you encounter any problem while growing your parsley. The solutions are simple and can be used even if you don’t have any technical expertise on this subject. 

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