When To Plant Tomatoes In Maryland?

Identifying Maryland’s hardiness zone is essential to determining the finest tomatoes that may be produced in the state. As a result, it might be the difference between a plentiful harvest of your tomatoes and a lack thereof.

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Grow Tomatoes In Maryland’s Outdoor Gardens?

Do you wish to raise your tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants? Around the 1st of February, you should get them started indoors. Around the 7th of April, start keeping an eye on the weather forecast and plant the seeds outside as soon as there is no chance of frost.

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What’s The Ideal Time Of Year To Start Growing Tomatoes?

As a general rule, tomatoes should be planted in late spring and early summer, unless you live in Zone 10, which requires a winter harvest. Planting starter plants instead of seeds can give your garden a jump-start on growth.

How Soon Can I Start Growing Tomatoes?

The date for Planting Seed starting may begin as early as mid-January in USDA plant hardiness zones 8 and 9, but in USDA zones 3 or 4, seed starting should be delayed until mid-to-late March or early April. Do not put seeds or transplants outside until two weeks following the last date of frost.

Tips For Growing Tomatoes In Maryland:

Tomato growers, take a breather. Getting those delicate transplants outside and into the ground has been causing you a lot of anxiety. Once again, your reputation for producing the greatest tomatoes in the area is at stake. These 5 Tips will help create the groundwork for a successful tomato season in 2018!

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My Plants Grew To Be Too Large

Many seasoned gardeners make the rookie error of starting seeds too early. Both planting and potting up to a bigger container are options if your transplants have outgrown their pots (watch How to Pot up Transplants).

Start later next year! Under fluorescent light tubes, a perfect tomato transplant may be grown indoors in as little as five to six weeks.

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Make Those Spoiled Pets More Resilient

To prepare your transplants for life in the wild, you must first harden them off. Reduces “transplant shock” brought by chilly soil and unseasonably cold temperatures. Seven to ten days before planting, start by placing plants in a sheltered spot for a few hours. They should increase the amount of time they spend outside every day. You should bring them inside at night if the temperature drops below 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Planting In The “Real World”

Dig holes approximately two feet apart (depending on cultivar) and fill each one with a mixture of compost and 14 to 12 gypsum. Because of its fast-acting nature and lack of pH-altering effects, the soil’s pH will not be adversely affected by the application of gypsum (calcium sulfate).

Plants should be watered thoroughly, and if necessary, the bottom leaves of tall plants should be removed. If you have rich soil, you may skip this step, but if you have soil with poor organic matter, you should.

Show Them You Care

Increased yields and space savings may be achieved using vertical support. Put your system in place as soon as you can after planting. It is possible to use several securing and supporting methods. These metal cages tend to topple over and the welds may break during heavy harvests, so steer clear of them. A legendary UME Master Gardener from Baltimore, Larry Klose, is featured in this vintage film, Tomato Cages.

Don’t Panic

You may see some slight damage to the leaves and stems after planting. Relax; your plants will recover. A 400-degree temperature change in one day is enough to cause stress symptoms in anybody!

Grow The Best Tomatoes In Maryland:

1. Roma Tomatoes

  • Sourcing Or Preserving Food:

Roma tomatoes are ideal for preserving, freezing, or drying because of their enormous, late-summer production.

  • Ideal For The Kitchen:
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This makes Roma tomatoes ideal for cooking and preparing sauces, as well as producing paste. One of the best tomatoes I’ve ever had!

  • For Every Garden, This Is A Must-have Item:

Gardeners with a little area may grow Romas, which are ideal for urban gardening. It works well in containers, raised beds, and even in the house.

  • Invulnerable To Ailment

If the illness is an issue in your garden, consider growing Roma tomatoes. They are very resistant to wilt and nematode pests, which are particularly prevalent in their habitat.

2. Brandywine Tomatoes

  • Heirloom:

Because it’s an heirloom tomato, the Brandywine tomato is full of the greatest qualities of a tomato that has been around for a long time: It’s the toughest, tastiest, and easiest-to-grow heritage tomato out there.

  • Adapts To The Climate:

Brandywine tomatoes are heat-lovers. The better your Brandywine tomatoes do in high heat and humidity, the more flavor they will have. Because Brandywines like Maryland’s summers, you should count on seeing more tomatoes this year.

  • Perfect For Putting In Terra Cotta Pots:

Brandywine tomatoes are the only tomato variety that can be successfully grown in containers in Maryland. As one of the most adaptable varieties of tomato, this is an excellent choice for first-time gardeners in Maryland.

3. Early Girl Tomatoes

  • When It’s Cold Outside, This Plant Thrives

Even while some tomatoes can withstand high temperatures, Early Girl Tomatoes can withstand frigid temperatures and flourish in Maryland’s winters. Grow early girl tomatoes in mid to late spring if you want to get the best flavor.

  • It’s A Good Fit For Vertical Gardens

Affluent Young Lady Few crops are more suited to vertical planting than tomatoes. Even in the suburbs of Maryland where there is a little available area for traditional gardening, vertical gardening is becoming more popular.

  • Raised Garden Beds Are A Great Place To Grow Vegetables.
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Early Girl Tomatoes don’t require a lot of space. Vegetables and plants alike benefit from their presence. When it comes to gardening, Marylanders are known for their use of raised garden beds.


In Maryland, the following criteria are prevalent among the best tomatoes to grow:

  • Adapts well to hot and dry conditions.
  • A Cold-Tolerant Plant Can Grow in a Vertical Garden
  • Insect and Pest Resistant
  • Suitable for planting in any kind of garden and producing large yields


Five to six weeks before you want to plant your tomatoes outdoors, start them from seed inside. A foot-tall or more of robust plants are ideal for indoor use. After the risk of frost has gone and the earth has thawed, you may begin transplanting your seedlings outside. Before the first frost of autumn arrives, remove all of the fruit from the trees and store it in a cool, dry place. At 3 to 4 inches tall, tomato seedlings are ready to be transplanted into the garden. Nighttime temperatures must remain above 50 degrees.

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