10 Easiest Herbs To Propagate Fast At Home!

You shouldn’t have to plan a trip to the supermarket every time to want a few sprigs of rosemary to top your dishes when you can have a garden of fresh herbs growing right at your windowsill! Yes! There are plenty of herbs that are exceptionally easy to propagate at home. For many of them, … Read more

19 Best Verticillium Wilt Resistant Tomato Varieties

Verticillium wilt is among the most damaging and widespread problems tomato growers often come across. It’s a soil-borne disease that affects a large number of woody and herbaceous plants. Besides tomatoes, many food crops fall prey to this fungal disease, including potatoes, eggplant, strawberries, and black raspberries.  What is Verticillium wilt, and how does it … Read more

Why Is My Mint Flowering? Causes and 5 solutions!

Why Is My Mint Flowering

Mint is an aromatic, fast-growing herb that beautifully complements salads, vegetables, meat, soups, juices, and even ice cream! If you have your own little mint garden, you probably already love it for the endless supply of fresh, flavorful sprigs to the kitchen. However, what’s not so adorable is when you find them flowering! In fact, … Read more

What Kind Of Water To Use In Aerogarden

Water is one of the most important prerequisites which guarantees the stellar growth of plants, both in traditional gardening and while using an aerogarden. Whether it be the transport of nutrients through the plant, photosynthesis, or cooling, the importance of water cannot be undermined.  Without the right type of water, adequate growth of plants in … Read more

Can Aerogarden Plants Be Transplanted?

Transplanting, which is often referred to as replanting is a technique in horticulture by which a plant can be moved from its original place of germination to another place. Since its inception in the early 2000s, it has become a widespread phenomenon all across the globe. Plants can be transplanted for various reasons; Transplanting increases … Read more