What Does Self-Pollination Mean?

What Does Self-Pollination Mean

Almost all fruiting plants require pollination to produce fruit from flowers. They can either be cross-pollination or self-pollination in plants depending on the species, cultivar, and characteristics.  Space is often a limiting factor for many gardeners. If you’re short on growing space, it will help to know what self-pollination means and how it benefits you. …

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23 Top Indeterminate Tomato Varieties To Try!

Indeterminate Tomato Varieties

You’ll often find the term determinate or indeterminate mentioned on tomato seed packets. These are two main categories that tomatoes come in, with the major difference in their growth habit. Determinate tomatoes are compact with a bushier growth rather than vining. They produce all their fruits at once before the growing season ends. Indeterminate tomatoes, …

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How Aerogarden Works – 5 Easy Steps To Indoor Growing With Aeroponics

How Aerogarden Works

If you want to give the old-fashioned art of growing vegetables a technological twist, the latest aerogarden is the way to go. Most gardeners are familiar with the term ‘hydroponics’, even if they haven’t tried it. Aerograden is simply an advanced application of the hydroponics growing technique. It’s fun, super-convenient, and above all – an …

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