About Us

My Mission is to help more people learn the many benefits of growing their own fruit and vegetables.

I hated store brought tomatoes and I truly believed tomatoes didn’t really add much value to the food, boring, bland and just eating them because they were deemed healthy. I remember one day buying one of those reduced pre-potted tomato plants you find at the hardware store. It went on the kitchen window and I watered it, looked after it, and in what seemed like months I had a few ripe tomatoes. I added these to a salad and after the first bite I was thinking what are these, bold, sweet slightly acidic red cherry tomatoes were a joy! These were a far throw from the store-bought tomatoes and I have been growing them ever since.

I am still learning today and I always learn something each year I grow. There are many health benefits to growing your own fruit and vegetables. Gardening is great exercise and there is a certain joy in eating the things you grow. I love solving problems and helping people so I want to build a community around vegetable growing.