Can You Split Chives?

Can You Split Chives?

Chives are beautiful herbs, grown for their mild, onion-tasting leaves and bright flowers. Chives are vigorous growers if given the optimal conditions to thrive. Near the end of the growing season, while the ground is still warm, they tend to grow into a thick, tight clump and need to be trimmed back and thinned to … Read more

7 Herbs That Grow In Clay Soil

Herbs That Grow In Clay Soil

While herbs grow well in poor soil, hard clay isn’t the best choice for most varieties. This is because though herbs will grow well even if the soil is deficient in ingredients, good drainage is important. Clay soil doesn’t drain well and retains water for a long time. Rosemary, in particular, dies easily with “wet … Read more

Do Chives Need Cutting Back? Pruning And Deadheading Chives

Do Chives Need Cutting Back

Chives are a commonly used herb and a favorite choice of many home gardeners. The tubular blue-green leaves are chopped and added to omelets, soup, salads, and fish. Chives are perennials. With just a little maintenance, they come back year after year with a fresh supply of flavorful herbs for your kitchen.  One question most … Read more

5 Easy Steps For Growing Dill In Pots Inside

Growing Dill In Pots Inside

Dill is an annual plant that vigorously self-seeds to continue giving fresh foliage every spring and summer for a constant supply of herbs for soups, salads, and pickles. Though dill is available in the warmer months, you can harvest fresh herbs for your recipes all year round by growing dill in pots inside.  It’s the … Read more

Growing Chives From Seed In Containers – 3 Easy Steps

Growing Chives From Seed

With a fresh, green color, crispy texture, and a hint of onion and garlic flavor, chives are a favorite herb in most kitchens. But its culinary use is not the only reason why it’s so popular in home gardens. The beautiful purple flowers appearing in late spring make it a captivating ornamental to adorn entrances.  … Read more

Do Chives Regrow After Cutting?

Do Chives Regrow After Cutting

Chives are beautiful herb plants to have in your garden. Chives are easy to grow and don’t attract many pests and diseases. Chives are perfect for beginner vegetable gardeners because they are so easy to grow. Chives are one of those herbs you can plant once and they keep coming back year after year. I … Read more

10 Easiest Herbs To Propagate Fast At Home!

Easiest Herbs To Propagate

You shouldn’t have to plan a trip to the supermarket every time to want a few sprigs of rosemary to top your dishes when you can have a garden of fresh herbs growing right at your windowsill! Yes! There are plenty of herbs that are exceptionally easy to propagate at home. For many of them, … Read more

Why Is My Mint Flowering? Causes and 5 solutions!

Why Is My Mint Flowering

Mint is an aromatic, fast-growing herb that beautifully complements salads, vegetables, meat, soups, juices, and even ice cream! If you have your own little mint garden, you probably already love it for the endless supply of fresh, flavorful sprigs to the kitchen. However, what’s not so adorable is when you find them flowering! In fact, … Read more