Can You Eat Chive Flowers

Chive blossoms are a tasty, fragrant, and beautiful edible flowers that emerge in late spring at the end of chive stalks. This edible blossom is light purple in color and has a faint onion flavor. Chive flowers can be used as a salad garnish or as a garnish on a meal.

Can You Eat Chive Flowers

Chinese chives, often known as garlic chives, have edible white blooms that have a stronger garlic flavor than the leaves themselves. Similar to asparagus, the stems with unopened buds can be sliced and stir-fried. The opened blooms can be utilized in the same way as conventional chive blossoms are used.

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When Do Chive Flowers Grow and How Do They Look?

Chive flowers grow at the top of the blade-like stalks of the chive plant in late spring or early summer. The light purple puff-like flower has a star-like form and is made up of numerous florets that are fused together at the flower’s crown. The diameter of each flower is around two inches.

Can You Eat Chive Flowers?

If you’re wondering if chive blooms are edible, you may rest assured that they are. Fresh chive blossoms are a wonderful meal that top chefs all over the globe consider a delicacy. Chive blossoms also provide a multitude of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial components to the body.

The common chive blossoms, which are usually regarded a culinary herb, may be used in salads, stews, soups, casseroles, omelets, egg dishes, pasta, and pickles.

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How to Cook With Chive Flowers?

Since these flowers are sold linked to the chives, you have to separate them from the chive stems with kitchen shears or scissors. Before using the chive flowers, thoroughly rinse them in cold water to eliminate any insects; this is a fantastic technique to ensure the blooms are bug-free. Before using, carefully dry the blooms with a paper towel or let them air dry.

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You can keep these flowers entire or divide them into florets. When you peel the florets away from the flower head with your fingertips, they will readily detach. Some florets can detach along with a little stalk, which is delicious and adds to the beauty of the bloom.

Some Ideas to Use Chive Flowers

  • You can add fresh chive flowers  to green salads.
  • Dry them for later use as a garnish for soups and savory recipes.
  • To produce herb-flavored vinegar, combine them with other herbs, add them to your herbed oils, or just make chive oil.
  • Use them in dry flower bouquets by cutting them with the stem.
  • Make butter with chive.
  • To make a tasty spread, combine them with fresh cream cheese.
  • Allow the bloom heads to go to seed (they produce tiny black seeds shaped like a half-moon) so you may develop new plants. 

How to Store Chive Flowers?

You can preserve chive flowers in a plastic bag. Then, keep them in the refrigerator for up to one week.


Chive is a popular herb among chefs. With a unique flavor, this herb is easy to grow at home as well. The best part is you can add chive flowers as well. If you have any questions regarding chive flowers or their use, comment below and we will help you out. 


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