How Aerogarden Works – 5 Easy Steps To Indoor Growing With Aeroponics

If you want to give the old-fashioned art of growing vegetables a technological twist, the latest aerogarden is the way to go. Most gardeners are familiar with the term ‘hydroponics’, even if they haven’t tried it. Aerograden is simply an advanced application of the hydroponics growing technique. It’s fun, super-convenient, and above all – an … Read more

Learning To Grow Potatoes Is Easy

Whether you like potatoes mashed, baked, boiled, chipped or cut into fries, potatoes are a versatile vegetable and staple ingredient for many meals. Learning to grow potatoes is easy. As a novice gardener, then you should consider growing potatoes for the following reasons; • Potatoes are easy to plant, care for and harvest• They do … Read more