How Tall Does Sweetcorn Grow?

Corn plants come in many different varieties. They all grow as individual stalks with leaves and eyes. The major difference, other than the use, flavour and appearance of the corn, is the height that the stalks attain once the plant is fully mature. Keep reading to find out how tall does sweetcorn grow. While there are other types of corns, sweetcorn is the most popular variety grown for eating fresh, and freezing or canning for later use. The height of sweetcorn is a major factor in determining its feasibility for growing among gardeners.

how tall does sweetcorn grow

How Tall Does Sweetcorn Grow – What’s In Its Height?

So why talk about the height of sweetcorn at all? Isn’t it just the ear of corn that should concern us? While it’s the only those sweet corn kernels that go in our tummy, height is just as important. It will affect maintenance, and in many cases, also the success possibility.

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Growing taller sweetcorn is very problematic in windy areas. The tall stalks may even break under the pressure of a strong wind before the ears fully develop. The best solution is to choose low-growing varieties at the time of planting. A smaller height will make sure that the stalks aren’t blown off the ground in the face of a storm.

Height Of Sweetcorn Compared To That Of Other Corn Varieties

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Sweetcorns generally grow much shorter than the field corn varieties. Field corns are grown as livestock feed, and it’s the stalk that’s the productive part. Taller stalks are the most desirable ones in this case since they contribute to a bigger yield, i.e. more feed for livestock. The field corn stalks can reach to a height of around 14 feet. Sweetcorn, on the other hand, usually only grows to about 4 to 5 feet for early season varieties and up to 7 feet for late-season varieties.

Besides field corn and sweetcorn, popcorn plants are also widely grown for their exploding kernels. “Tom Thumb” varieties grow shorter, attaining a height of barely 3 feet. In comparison “Strawberry” varieties grow a bit taller to around 5 feet.

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Most Popular Sweetcorn Varieties And Their Heights

Here’s a list of some of the most popular sweetcorn varieties together with their expected heights:


It’s a popular variety for the supersweet flavour. Still, since it’s a bit on the taller end of the spectrum, staking will be required if you grow it in windy locations.

Height: 7 ft


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Planted for their fast growth and excellent flavour, Goldcrust is a mid-season sweetcorn variety that’s well-suited for home gardens.

Height: 6 – 7 feet


Earlibird produces cobs earlier than others, as the name implies. Also, since many plants grow two cobs per stalk, the yield is substantially greater.

Height: 6 feet

Honey ‘n Pearl

This is another high-yielding variety with an extra sweet flavor, and soft texture, making it a major hit.

Height: 7 feet

Silver queen

If you want to go for that classic flavor, Silver Queen won’t disappoint. However, the stalk grows taller than most, so you’ll have to install some stakes. 

Height: 8 feet

Golden Bantam

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If you’re looking for a shorter variety to grow at home, Golden Bantam is an excellent option. It doesn’t grow very tall and usually bears two cobs per plant.

Height: 5 feet

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Sweetcorn Do You Get From One Plant?

Each Sweetcorn grows between 1 to 2 ears of corn. Early varieties commonly have 1 ear of corn whereas main-crop varieties have two or sometimes more ears of corn.

Why Is My Corn Not Growing Tall

A number of factors can cause this from over-watered soil to lack of nitrogen

Does Corn Grow Back Every Year?

Corn does not grow back every year a new corn seed needs to be panted.

Why Are My Corn Cobs Small

A number of factors ranging from poor soil nutrients, watering and sunlight all contribute to small corn cobs.

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    • Hi Jim, Golden Bantam is a great variety to try as it only grows to around 5ft tall. Also, consider lark. Not many shorter varieties, as a shorter many myself I have a small pair it step up ladders in my garden for reaching the high up runner poles and pinching tomatoes when I grow them in 2ft raised beds.


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