List Of Dwarf Blueberries

Blueberry bushes give sweet berries for the summer and are a beautiful attraction for the garden all year round. However, they can grow quite large and take up much space in your yard. But that doesn’t mean homegrown blueberries are only for gardeners with an expansive lawn. 

If you don’t have a garden or are limited on space, dwarf blueberries are the perfect solution for you. Dwarf blueberries grow to about ⅓ to ½ that of a full-sized blueberry and can even grow in a container. If you don’t have a garden at all, your potted blueberry plant can even sit on a sunny patio or balcony. 

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List Of Top 8 Dwarf Blueberries

If you’re looking for a good blueberry variety to grow in limited space, check out our list of dwarf blueberries below:

Top Hat

One of the most popular blueberries for container gardening is ‘Top Hat.’ With a half-high growth habit, Top Hat only grows to about 18 to 24 inches high and 1 to 2 feet wide. The bush is dotted with white flowers in the spring that later give way to firm, sweet fruits with a taste similar to that of wild blueberries. By fall, the green foliage turns a beautiful shade of bronze. Though it prefers full sun, Top Hat will also produce in partial shade, which is an added advantage if you don’t have a garden. 


Northblue dwarf blueberry bushes are another great variety for container growing. These low-growing compact varieties are cold-hardy and produce in mid-season, giving clusters of delicious dime-sized berries in a beautiful dark-blue shade. The bushes are slightly bigger than Top Hat and grow to about 20 to 30 inches high, with a comparable width. Though the berries are larger than most low-growing blueberry bushes, they have the same excellent flavor as wild blueberries. The cultivar thrives in zones 3 to 7.

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Sunshine Blue

Besides a fruit tree, Sunshine Blue is a beautiful ornamental for a small garden or balcony. The bush bears pink flowers in the spring and fresh blue-green foliage that turns an attractive burgundy for the fall. The bush grows to a maximum height and width of 3 to 4 feet and can be easily accommodated in a large container. Furthermore, since it’s easy to prune, you won’t find it challenging to keep it contained to the limited space. The cultivar tolerates a variety of soils and will even grow well in warmer climates, unlike many other blueberries. The delicious medium-sized fruits are ready to be picked from mid to late season. 

Pink Icing

Pink Icing is another dwarf blueberry bush, with a mature height of 3 to 4 feet and a spread of around 4 to 5 feet. With the compact size, it’s perfect for container growing and offers fruit and landscape interest at the same time. Winter brings a burst of blue, purple, and turquoise hues to the foliage, while the new growth in spring appears in mixed shades of pink, blue, and green. It’s a low-maintenance, fast-growing cultivar that produces blueberries ready for harvest around mid-season. Since it’s self-pollinating, the plant will bear fruit even if you grow it singly. 


List Of Dwarf Blueberries

Northsky isn’t just a compact blueberry bush excellent for container growing. It’s also one of the most cold-hardy varieties out there. It can tolerate temperatures as low as -45°F and even withstand a layer of snow on the branches. Northsky will grow to a mature height of up to 18 to 24 inches with a maximum spread of 30 inches. Tiny white flowers appear in spring, turning into sweet berries that ripen around July. The foliage turns a lovely red by fall. The small sky-blue berries are sweet and juicy, similar to the fruit from wild blueberry bushes. 

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Northcountry is another dwarf variety you can grow in your garden. The cultivar grows to a height of 18 to 24 inches at the most and spreads to around 36 inches. The fruit ripens around early to mid-season, with medium-sized sky blue berries. The sweet-tasting fruit will remind you of the Northern wild blueberries. The cultivar is cold-hardy and self-pollinating. However, if you want a larger harvest, plant it alongside a different variety, such as Northblue. 

Peach Sorbet

Peach Sorbet is a lovely compact bush that will hold your interest all year! The stunning bush bears colorful leaves with a range of shades from peach, pink, orange, to emerald green. In spring, white bell-shaped flowers will appear, giving way to abundant sweet blueberries that ripen by mid-summer. It only grows to a full height of 1 ½ to 2 feet and comparable width and will grow well in a container. The cultivar grows well in growing zones 5 to 10. 

Jelly Bean

Reaching only 1 to 2 feet in height, Jelly Bean blueberry bush is another great choice for your container garden. This dwarf blueberry bush looks beautiful as a mini-hedge in the garden, or in patio pots or balcony. The showy white flowers that pop up in spring give way to large, flavorful blueberries, ready to be picked around mid-summer. The foliage is bright green in spring and will gradually turn darker and red as winter approaches. The cultivar is hardy to USDA zones 4 to 8, and though it grows best in full sun, you can also keep it in partial shade. 

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