When to Harvest Purple Broccoli?

Broccoli has long been the misery of veggie-hating kids and adults, but the kind we’re discussing today is attractive enough to persuade anyone to try it. Broccoli with purple sprouts is a tasty and attractive relative of the bushy green vegetable. This sturdy and cold-resistant broccoli type is ideal for anybody who wants to harvest all year. Furthermore, this vegetable is unlikely to be found in most supermarkets.

Growing Purple Broccoli 

Growing Purple Sprouting broccoli takes a little patience, but it’s completely worth it.

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  • Use a decent quality multi-purpose compost, sow the seeds into tiny pots or multi-cell trays. Prick the seedlings out and then transplant them into a single 9 cm pot after they’ve grown large enough to handle.
  • Remove big stones, perennial weeds, and debris from the soil with a fork. Bulky organic matter is important in lighter soils, but it’s also worth adding to promote moisture retention in heavier soils. If your soil is acidic, you may need to apply lime. Brassicas don’t like loose soil, so gently firm it with your foot.
  • When your broccoli plants are 7 to 9 cm tall, transplant them out. Before taking them from their pots, water them thoroughly and space them in a way that they are 50 to 60cm apart, with a comparable interval between rows. After planting, water again and firm each rootball in place. 
  • To limit competition, keep the soil wet at all times and eradicate weeds. Use a liquid feed to stimulate the appearance of purple bud stems if development is sluggish. To keep insects and birds out, cover either with fleece or netting.
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When to Harvest Purple Broccoli?

When the broccoli head finishes growing, harvest it. Harvest the flowers when the flower stalks are fully formed but before the blossoms have opened. When broccoli heads are deep green with tiny, tightly packed buds, they’re ready to eat.

Cut the primary shaft with a sharp knife first, since this promotes the development of side shoots. Cropping time will be extended if side shoots are picked on a regular basis.

When to Harvest Purple Broccoli?

Optimal Conditions to Grow Purple Broccoli

  • Rich Soil

Deep and rich soil that has been plowed over with enough compost or a balanced organic fertilizer before planting.

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  • Sunlight

Plant your purple broccoli plant in a position that receives enough sunlight for at least 6 hours every day. However, this plant is somewhat resistant to frost as well. 

  • Nutrition

Before planting, add compost manure or the other high-nitrogen compost to the soil. Feed the plant with a plant fertilizer after the heads start to develop.

  • Spacing

While planting purple broccoli, single plant spacing: 1′ 11″ (60cm) each direction (minimum). The rows should be 1′ 11″ (60cm) with a gap of 1′ 11″ (60cm). 

  • Plant and Sow

In the summer, sow fall broccoli indoors and transplant it when the plants are 3 weeks old. 


Purple broccoli is high in vitamin C and also contains a lot of vitamins A and K. It also contains a lot of folates, B vitamins, manganese, and iron. Grow this nutritious and delicious broccoli at home and enjoy it in your meals. 

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