How Tall Do Raspberries Grow?

How Tall Do Raspberries Grow

If you’re planning to add a raspberry bush to your outdoor landscape, an important question that you might ask is how tall do raspberries grow? There are many different varieties of raspberries. The varieties don’t just differ in color and taste of the fruit but also the size of the bush. Some cultivars are bred …

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What Happens If You Don’t Prune Raspberries

what happens if you don't prune raspberries

Raspberries grow vigorously, producing baskets of flavorful fruits year after year. However, you’re not making the most out of your home-grown raspberries if you haven’t been pruning the bush yet. Make pruning an annual practice so you can have a bumper harvest that beats your neighbor’s garden each time!  So is trimming really necessary? What …

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