What Kind Of Water To Use In Aerogarden

Water is one of the most important prerequisites which guarantees the stellar growth of plants, both in traditional gardening and while using an aerogarden. Whether it be the transport of nutrients through the plant, photosynthesis, or cooling, the importance of water cannot be undermined.

 Without the right type of water, adequate growth of plants in an aerogarden is a distant possibility. It is a common query of many who use aerogarden; what kind of water is best for the growth of water? Can I use tap water? When is the right time to change the water in an aerogarden? To answer all of these queries, we have written a comprehensive blog, removing any confusion you ever had about the content or type of water to be used in an aerogarden.

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How To Add Water In An Aerogarden

First off, it is important to know how to add water to an aerogarden. It is as simple as watering your traditional garden plants. 

  • Look for an oval-shaped container in your aerogarden
  • Open the lid and put some nutrients and water in it.
  • It is recommended to add both nutrients and water in your aerogarden at the same time since you don’t want to upset the water-nutrient balance.
  • If you only add nutrients without diluting it with water, it might affect the pH resulting in stunted growth. 

How To Check The Level Of Water In An Aerogarden

It is important to know when your aerogarden is running low on water. Fortunately, aerogarden has solved this problem of yours as well. If you look at the bottom of your aerogarden, you will see water indicators. These water indicators will start flashing when the water content is low. If the water content is below 50%, these indicators will start flashing, and you will know that it is time to refill your aerogarden. 

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How Often Do You Need To Water An Aerogarden

Aerogardens produce the best results when they are watered at regular intervals. The next logical question that warrants answering is: How long should that interval be?  

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According to aerogarden support, it is recommended to add water once the water is below the fill to here line. If your water is over that line, you are good to go. If you add water only when the indicator starts flashing, your plants will still bloom but is an ideal practice to not let the water level go below the fill to here line. Once you are done with adding the water, reset the indicator. 

Which Type Of Water Should Be Used In An Aerogarden

Water type is significant because aerogarden is a type of hydroponic garden, and all the nutrients are being transferred around the whole plant body via water. The most common query about water in an aerogarden is what type of water should be used. For an average gardener, there are many options to choose from- So we will go through each of those options individually.

Tap Water 

The most obvious and convenient choice for many hydroponic gardeners is using tap water. Tap water is typically a good choice for your aerogardens. It does not have lots of dissolved minerals and is suitable for plant growth. However, there are certain things which you need to carefully see to while using tap water, to ensure proper growth of plants in your aerogarden.

  • Excessive chlorine is one of the major causes of stunted growth in plants. If the tap water in your area has excessive chlorine content, it is advised to use another source.
  • PPM (parts per million) is one of the most accurate methods of knowing the purity of any type of water. You can find out the PPM of tap water by sending a sample to a local water testing laboratory. 
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Well Water

If you’ve gone through the aerogarden instruction guide, you should already know that using well water is strictly prohibited. There are multifarious reasons for this, the primary reason being the mineral content in well water. Well water is known to contain many dissolved minerals, which do not mix well with the nutrient packages that come with aerogardens.

Soft / Hard Water

Soft / hard water is another type of water which you should refrain from using in your aerogarden. Both hard and soft water are not recommended since they contain dissolved minerals. These dissolved minerals can interfere with the nutrient content of the plants. If the minerals are undissolved, they will sediment at the bottom, causing irreparable loss to aerogarden. 

Distilled Water

The best option for your aerogarden is using distilled water. Distilled water is known to be free from mineral impurities, and is a perfect fit for your aerogarden. The liquid nutrients provided by aerogarden have balanced mineral content for optimum plant growth. When distilled water is added to an aerogarden, there is no pH imbalance. Plants are very sensitive to pH change, and any such change can cause many problems.

Water Change In An Aerogarden

Before we start, let us clarify one thing. Changing water is quite different from adding water. When water is added to an aerogarden, it is not used up entirely. A large amount of water remains in the aerogarden, which needs to be replaced with fresh water every month or so. It is ideal to drain the water from your aerogarden first, and then replace it with fresh water 

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Water Temperature

Before adding water to your aerogarden, make sure that it is at room temperature. The ideal water temperature for aerogarden lies between 65 – 80 degrees F (18 to 26 C.).

what kind of water to use in aerogarden


Selecting the right type of water is crucial for the adequate growth of plants in an aerogarden. Distilled water is your best choice among all types of water. Try not to let the water level go below the fill-to-here line.

 This is all on water type in an aerogarden. If you decide to act upon the recommendations listed in this blog, be ready for a surprising bloom of your aerogarden plants.

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